Video Game Betting FAQ

A video game betting FAQ will help you learn some of the finer points of the industry. Since many of these websites operate in a similar fashion, the frequently asked questions typically ring true for all of the sites in question. We have received quite a few questions that players ask us most commonly, all to keep our readers well informed over the finer points of the industry. The Frequently Asked Questions About Video Game Betting covers most of the important facets of these services, and each provide players with a fairly solid overview of how the system on a whole operates. We have attempted to be completely clear and concise, all so you will not have any trouble in figuring out exactly how you will be kept in the look while wagering on video games over the Internet.

Is betting on video games legal in the United States?

Yes, betting on video games is completely legal in the United States, as the games are skill based rather than games of chance.

What is the age requirement for betting on video games?

In most jurisdictions you will only have to be 18 to play these games, unlike other forms of gambling which require you to be 21.

Is betting on video games safe?

Yes. Each of the sites allowing Betting on Video Games will have extensive security protocols to make sure that you will have no problems, be it from unscrupulous players or otherwise.

What happens if my opponent lies about the outcome?

If you win a game and your opponent lies about the results, you will simply have to contact the customer support department. You will then be able to file a dispute, which will launch an investigation over who won. These investigations are usually spot on and serve to keep players safe.

What do the dispute investigations entail?

In the disputes, you will simply have to provide some evidence that you won. As such, we suggest that you keep a digital camera on hand in order to prove the results of the game. Furthermore, automatic score tracking is an option that you may use to prove that you have won, though it is only available in certain situations.

What happens if someone is caught lying or cheating?

Most of the websites we looked into before answering the video game betting FAQ imposed significant fines against the cheaters. Those who are proven cheaters will take monetary losses and financial levies as punishment. As such, cheating is not worth it and thus kept to a minimum.

What evidence can I use to prove that I was the winner?

There are multiple ways that you can record video on your PC from the TV, you will just have to look for the product. You can also take digital photos of your results. These are the easiest ways for you to prove that you won. Automatic score tracking is another option for you to explore.

Are these sites legit?

Yes, the video game betting online FAQ sites we have shown you are all completely legitimate.

What types of video games can I bet?

You will see that sporting games, fighting games, racing games, music games, and every other form of game can be played through the betting on video game websites.

Can I use the latest consoles to bet on video games?

Yes, you will see that all of the latest consoles are available upon which you may wager.

What format does video game betting come through?

You will be betting on the video games through a tournament format. Tournaments can be won by one person, who will receive the prizes available. Each participant in the events will contribute the same amount as their buy-in. This was perhaps the most important of the questions received in the video game betting FAQ.