BringIt Review

Our review of Bringit has been brought about because they have proven to be one of the best betting on video game sites available. Bringit has a simple interface, easy access to all of their tournaments, easy deposits, and rapid withdrawals. A friendly customer service team backs this video game betting site, and they will make your stay as enjoyable as possible. They cover a wide array of the most recent gaming consoles, involve every possible genre of games, and even offer one of the largest deposit bonuses to hit this form of online gambling. has one of the most comprehensive betting on video games websites, and they will undoubtedly stand up against the test of time.

The Bringit Review first looked into what consoles are associated with this site. Bringit has kept with the times, and they offer all of the latest consoles as betting options. The Sony consoles are both included, with PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 as options. Microsofts consoles are also incorporated, letting owners of the Xbox 360 participate without any hang ups. The Nintendo Wii is the final option available for betting on video games through Bringit, and provides a solid backbone for many players through their site.

BringIt Deposit Methods

Deposit options through Bringit were found to be quite similar to other websites of this nature. These options include credit cards an the famous electronic wallet named PayPal. Accepted credit cards include VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, as well as the American Express charge card. Each of these cards has a 100% rate of success, so there will never be any complications when using these cards. PayPal is also an accepted deposit method, and will let you transfer money from your PayPal account into the Bringit account that you own. Your withdrawal options will include PayPal and paper checks, and either route can be used to receive your winnings from Betting on Video Games very quickly - especially if you use the express option.

BringIt Bonuses

The Review found many special promotions to help new players get used to this service. Cash rewards are periodically available through Bringit, as there are bonus codes that are sometimes relinquished in order to give players an extra boost of cash. For starters, players have the bonus code BONUS10035 which can be used to receive a free 35% in addition to the deposit made into their cashier. They also offer the periodic free entry tournament, which can pay real cash without any risk. Bringit carries additional promotions over time, so pay attention to their site when you are building your bankroll.

BringIt Security

Though all of the betting on video games sites offer high security for their players, Bringit has made it a point to remain one of the most safe for the player. If you manage to win an event, you will be able to tell Bringit your side of the story without having to worry about a less than honest loser claiming that he had won instead of you. Rather, Bringit has made it a point to keep all of their players comfortable throughout their gambling career through this site. In order to resolve disputes and verify all claims, Bringit has established a strict protocol to keep their players safe. Though they recommend all players keep Auto Score Reporting active where possible, they also recommend you use screenshots and video recordings to prove your victory. In addition to preventative measures, Bringit has made it a point to establish punishments in the event that people do cheat, including financial forfeitures and fines.

BringIt Customer Service

In the event that you ever have problems with their service, you will easily be able to contact their customer service department and have all of your problems solved. They help with financial issues and technical issues as well as the occasional dispute claim. The Review of found that they can be reached through a Live Chat service as well as e-mail, and you will never have any problems getting in touch with the customer service department.

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