1 on 1 Video Game Tournaments

The most common form of video game betting is the 1 on 1 video game tournaments. This will pit two players against each other, each with the same buy-in, to face off against each other in a controlled environment. The game will run its course as normal with each player doing what they can, without cheating, to win the game. The only real difference between this style of play and normal play is the fact that there is a cash prize awaiting the winner in accordance to how much the players decided to risk upon betting on video games.

The basic premise of a video game betting 1 on 1 tournament is that the players will be pitted head to head to battle against each other. He or she who wins the tournament will receive the winning monies upon verification of the results. Provided none of the players are trying to prevaricate false results, the winnings will be awarded instantly. The 1 on 1 video tournament for video game betting is the easiest to organize, the easiest to finalize, and perhaps the easiest to win in the event that you know what you are doing.

Popular Titles For 1 on 1 Video Game Betting

Madden 2010

Madden 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

FIFA 2010

Halo 3

MLB 2010: The Show

NBA Live 2010

NBA 2K10

NCAA Football 2010

NCAA Football 2011

NHL 2010

NHL 2011

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter IV

Tekken II

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011

UFC Undisupted 2009

UFC Undisputed 2010