GamerSaloon Review

Thanks for reading our GamerSaloon review. GamerSaloon is one such website that we found for betting on video games. GamerSaloon is the most comprehensive of these sites, and we found a lot of special features. We have made it a point to find out which systems they host, which types of games are found through this site, as well as any fees you may encounter when gambling through their site. Additionally, deposit methods and bonus information was also collected, all with the hopes that you will have a better grasp on what it is that you are getting into before you join up and start risking your money.

GamerSaloon is one of the few betting on video games sites that offers players an entire cross section of the different video game platforms. Currently, gamers can bet on Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and PC games through this service. These consoles all have their own list of games on which wagers can be placed, with sports games being the most common. There are also racing games, fighting games, shooters, and even some platform games available. No matter what console you have or what your tastes may be, GamerSaloon has you covered.

GamerSaloon Deposit Methods

An important part of our GamerSaloon review is the deposit methods offered. Depositing into GamerSaloon is your first step into the world of betting on video games. Depositing is very simple and only requires that you either have one of four different credit cards or a PayPal account. MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover Card are the available card options when betting through their site. PayPal is also an option. You will be able to fund your account through PayPal at any given moment. PayPal is also one of the two withdrawal methods, while having a check shipped to you is the other.

GamerSaloon Bonuses

Upon signing up, GamerSaloon will give you one of the few deposit bonuses found through betting on video games. This is a free $5 dollar infusion of cash that will help you get ahead of the games, if only very slightly. This $5 is eligible on all deposits of $25 or more. The money must be used within 48 hours or else it is forfeit. The money cannot be withdrawn, but it can be used to enter tournaments and generate winnings, as well as cover any fees associated with a withdrawal.

GamerSaloon Security

Security is a major priority through GamerSaloon. In order to remain a legitimate business, GamerSaloon has incorporated a great number of safety protocols to protect their players from harm. Due to the fact that the results of each tournament are based purely on the honor system, some players may sometimes lie about the outcome of a game. In this event, an investigation will be launched by GamerSaloon. For this reason, we suggest that you at least take a snapshot of the results of the match with a digital camera or a camera phone. Other methods are in place to prevent disputes, such as the fact that some games, particularly those from EA, will let you track your game stats. Because of these stats, a false dispute has become even harder. Furthermore, heavy fines are in place oin the event that someone cheats or tries to falsify a victory.

GamerSaloon Customer Service

Customer service is vital to any form of gambling, including betting on video games. GamerSaloon has a fully functioning customer service department that will help you with any issues you may encounter. An e-mail account is open for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while their phone support network is only open for eight hours a day starting at noon. Skype live help is also available to assist players with any problems they may have with betting on video games.

We hope that you found all you needed to in our GamerSaloon review. Visit the site for more information.