Most Trusted Video Game Betting Sites

As with any member of the gambling industry, players have been asking us for the most trusted video game betting sites. With any cash industry, integrity is of key importance. The most trusted video game betting sites require two important features. First, we looked to make sure that these sites would not just rip off their players. Furthermore, we also looked into the different video game betting sites that offered the highest levels of security in terms of dispute resolution. Both facets of safety through these trusted video game betting sites must be met in order to remain at the highest level of trust and integrity.

The sites that we looked into, the good ones, had a large number of preventative measures available to prevent false claims against the actual outcome of an event. Such preventative measures would include a reputation system that would provide players with a semi-accurate view of how a player operates in terms of whether or not they can be trusted. Furthermore, punishment methods are in place to prevent a liar from falsely disputing a claim either way. These punishments primarily include financial fines, so cheaters will be immediately punished for their deceitful ways.


GamerSaloon is one of the most trusted video game betting sites. They have earned their name as a trusted site for video game betting through a variety of methods. Not only do they keep all transactions completely secure, but they also make sure that all of your results come through completely legitimately. In the event that a player is cheating or lies about results, GamerSaloon will launch an investigation. Fines are levied against those who would try to deceive the service or the other players. Regardless of what gaming console of genre of game you are going to play, GamerSaloon has been labeled one of the most trusted video game betting sites available.

BringIt is another of the most trusted sites for Betting on Video Games available. BringIt has also made it a point to keep their games completely legitimate, and they have enforced a zero tolerance policy. Fines and other punishments may be enacted against those who would who would attempt to cheat. Evidence will be collected in every event in order determine the true winner of the event or if a player had been caught in an incident of cheating. BringIt has no room for cheats or liars, and they make it a point to prevent any incidents of either. As one of the Most Trusted Video Game Betting Sites, BringIt is topping the charts.

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