Betting on Video Games

The prospect of betting on video games has once been only open to friends in the same room, or perhaps in the same town, but a recent website has made it possible to wager between people all over the world with real money on your favorite games. There are several sites now offering video gamers a chance to play their games while risking real cash to win real rewards, all in a safe, controlled environment. With the betting site acting as an intermediary, organizing the tournaments and collecting the buy-ins, you will never have to really worry about the logistics of the entire pursuit. There are strict rules in place to prevent players from being cheated or otherwise robbed, so you can even feel safe when wagering with others through this platform.

The premise to the wagering is simple and not entirely new, though the format in which it is currently being pursued is relatively fresh. Through most of these sites you will simply be joining preordained tournaments or starting tournaments of your own. The tournaments will be accompanied by a buy-in, a price that you must pay in order to take part in the event. The amount of money the players will win is strictly determined by the amount that each player contributes, and each player must contribute an equal amount when betting on video games. Depending on the number of players involved, this could be a very large win to the winning participants.

How Betting On Video Games Works

As soon as players are paired up, they must start up the respective games and find each other on the network. Upon doing so, the match will begin. At the conclusion of the match, all players involved must typically verify the outcome of the video game betting matches. Should both players report the right results, the match will come to an end and to the victor goes the spoils. Due to this, the games remain legitimate and fair based primarily on an honor system, but know that there are safeguards in place through most of these betting on video games websites.

In order to protect their users, these video game betting sites provide players with a safety net. This safety net will cover players in the event that something bad were to happen, such as a dishonest gamer trying to cheat a legitimate winner. As stated, the outcome of every game must be agreed upon by all participants. While this is the optimum outcome, some players involved may decide against honesty. We suggest that you take a picture or screenshot of the results of every game in order to insure that you do not get ripped off. A ranking system is also in place to keep players informed over who is a consistent player who does not lie about their outcome. Some games involved in betting on video games, such as those provided by EA Games, can have the results tracked on line and thus easy to be verified by the tournament host. Furthermore, those who are suspected of cheating, caught cheating, or file false disputes over the outcome of a game will have all or some of their funds absconded from their accounts and they may also be banned from using the service permanently.

What Consoles Allow You To Bet On Video Games?

Regardless of what console you own, provided it is of the recent generation, you should find it as an available console upon which to wager at legal betting sites. You will see the XBox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, and even the Playstation 2 and the traditional XBox as available options for video game betting. Each system entails its own list of games that can be played through the use of these tournament based betting sites. Even computer games can be played through these sites. Dozens of games can be found through these sites, covering nearly every genre of game imaginable. This variety has kept all players entertained and able to enjoy the thrill of a wager while also enjoying the video games that the player would find enjoyable regardless of whether or not a wager has been placed.

The different genres covered by the betting on video games options include primarily sporting games. Be it football, basketball, hockey, or baseball, the most popular of the sports games are available for tournament play. Shooter games, such as Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield are all available as well. Fighting games, be it Pokemon or Streetfighter, can also be played. Finally you will see the occasional racing game and even some of the more specialty games available. Betting on Video Games has never been as extensive as it is through these new tournament sites, as they allow any player over the age 18 to compete with a nearly limitless field of adversaries.

Playstation 3 Betting

Most people do not even know that betting on PS3 video games is available. Once more people are aware then it is sure to become one of the most popular forms of online gambling. Millions upon millions of PS3 games are sold each year and there is a ton of adults that would like to wager some money on the different PS3 games. If you browse through our website then you will be able to find all of the information you need about betting on PS3. We have the best Playstation 3 games to bet on along with tutorials to help you get started. For more information then you can read more about betting on Playstation 3 video games here.

Xbox360 Betting

Betting on Xbox 360 video games is just like betting on the Playstation 3 games, not very popular yet. The only reason that it is not more popular is simply because there has not been a website that has been able to develop a format for Xbox 360 betting. Now that there is a few places to bet on video games, Xbox 360 betting is really becoming popular. See more detailed information about betting on Xbox 360 games here.

Other Consoles To Bet On Video Games

You can bet on video games on more then just the Playstation 3 or an Xbox 360. In fact there is all kinds of different systems that allow you to bet on video games. Below is a list of the other systems that have games available to bet on.

Betting On Nintendo DS Video Games

Betting On PC Video Games

Betting On Playstation 2 Video Games

Betting On PSP Video Games

Betting On Wii Video Games

How To Go About Betting On Video Games

Just like any online gaming site involving betting, tournaments, or wagers, the different betting on video games sites will have you first make a deposit into an account. Through the sites that we have visited we found that credit cards are the primary way that people are loading money into their account. PayPal is also an accepted deposit method, which makes all of your transactions safe and secure. Finally, many of these sites will allow you to actually mail a money order to their offices to process a deposit.

Periodically you will see some benefits to joining these betting on video games locations. One such benefit is the classic deposit bonus. If you are familiar with online gambling, then you already know how these work. Through some such video game betting sites you will be able to collect a bit of free money upon making a deposit. Though this free money cannot be cashed out, it can be used to make wagers, cover withdrawal fees, and similar tasks that are not free. These bonuses will either be added instantly or, in some cases, must be requested.

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FAQ About Betting On Video Games

Is betting on video games legal in the United States?

Since these video games are games of skill and not chance, this format of betting is technically legal in the United States.

Is there a legal age for this form of gambling?

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to bet on video games. It is illegal to bet in any form unless you are over 18 years old.

Is Betting On Video Games safe?

Yes. Each of these sites that provide video game betting work very hard to keep their players safe.

Are these video game betting sites a scam?

No. Each of these sites are totally legitimate.

Where are most of these video game betting sites hosted?

Unlike most USA sports betting sites, the bulk of the video game betting sites are hosted in the United States and are thus subject to the laws of the land. Be sure to check your jurisdictional laws before trying to play their games. We can tell you that all of the sites that have betting on video games that we list are very trusted in the industry.